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Computer - Installations - Repairs - Upgrades
Installation & setup  of new computer systems. Hardware upgrades/repairs on desktops and laptops. We can carry out repairs including Blue Screen's, screen freezing, no power, random restarting,  not starting, slow &  sluggish behaviour, programs not starting or not behaving the way they have.

Virus & Spyware Removal
Guaranteed removal of all virus and spyware. However some variants of virus or spyware may prove more difficult to remove and in some cases the operating system may be far too corrupt, in this case your system can be re-installed back to factory settings.

Anti Virus & Internet Security Software
We supply Anti Virus & Internet Security Software. Anti Virus does exactly that, it protects you against Viruses. Internet Security protects you against Viruses, Spyware and provides you with a Software Firewall too.

Internet, Wireless Internet, Networking, Office Network - Sharing
We can supply & install wireless broadband routers, wireless internet & networks, business & office peer to peer networks. Wireless security. Or if you simply have problems with your broadband modem/router not connecting give us a call.

Data Transfer from your Old Pc to your New Pc. Home & Business
We offer a file transfer service for home users and small business to retrieve your files from your old pc and if required these can be put onto your new pc or simply be written to cd's or dvd's.

Backups and Backup Systems and Drives
We offer backup systems and drives for home users and small business. We cannot stress the importance of regular backups. Lost data for business can sometimes result in the failing of a business......please backup your data if you don't know how, call us, we will help.

We repair and upgrade laptops too! Including hardware & software problems, memory and hard drive upgrades, crashes, slow machines and virus and spyware problems.